An Artificial Intelligence Company Inspired by Brains
Wearable Computing
We provide hardware and software that enable you to record your sensory and motor experience in real time so that you can recall your experience.
Brain-Like Learning
We provide patented technology and service that enable hardware and software to learn like brains so that you enjoy your life in new ways.
Open New Ways
Artificial Intelligence Specialists
This is a company grown out of decades of research at Dr. Juyang Weng' group and his other coworkers.   The name of the company summarizes a new kind of artificial intelligence that brains are known for ---  GENISAMA --- Grounded, Emergent, Natural, Incremental, Skulled, Attentive, Motivated, and Abstractive.    We plan to provide wearable and mobile systems that support GENISAMA computing.    Visit this page from time to time to get informed about new announcements.
  1. 1
    Wearable Systems
    Working with our suppliers, we design and construct wearable and mobile systems.
  2. 2
    Software Design
    We design and maintain software that support wearable and mobile systems.
  3. 3
    Learning Engines
    We have general-purpose learning engines that fully automate the learning inside the "skull".
  4. 4
    Train and Service
    We train our systems for vision, audition, natural language understanding, and more.
  1. Mobile Systems
    Mobile Systems
    Go wherever you go
  2. Record and Recall
    Record and Recall
    Memorize and recall your experience
  3. Interactively Learning
    Interactively Learning
    When you act it learns
For public tutorials and comments, keep an eye on a video talk series available at YouTube: Brain-Mind Talks.