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How Brains Work on YouTube and YouKu
November 3, 2017,  GENISMA accounced the first beatch of products: 3DCam, 3DTube, and AOS.

In 2015, GENISMA LLC was established as a limited liability company.

In 2012, the book Natural and Artificial Intelligence, was published.  It appears to be the first book that provides an overarching, computational, and developmental model of biological brains.  It provides such algorithms for brain-like learning by machines.

In 2011, the Brain-Mind Institute, a non-profit organization, was established to promote cross-disciplineary education and research in biology, neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, and other related disciplines.

In 2001, autonomous mental development was published as a new approach to artificial intelligence and to understanding natural intelligence.