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GENISAMA 3D Camera and Machine Learner


The VCML-100 has two types of functions: 3D video camera and machine

learner. Both functions require a compatible mobile phone of your own, not

provided. Currently, only Android systems are supported, but future support

for iPhones is planned.
You can use the VCML-100 to record 3D video and take 3D images because it has binocular cameras. Many binocular cameras for mobile phones are unsynchronized and cannot take stable 3D photos, but this pair of video cameras is synchronized and takes high-quality 3D recordings. The synchronization also makes 3D video—such as your own or your friends' short 3D movies—easier to watch for longer time periods.

The supplied goggle is used to view 3D contents on the phone during recording or playback. It can also be used to view 3D contents on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop computer, or 3D game console where the device plays 3D video from the new 3DTube community site and other compatible 2D video and 3D video sites.
The second function, machine learning, is a new, developing avenue of enjoyment for consumers. GENISAMA neural networks conduct 3D vision, speech, and natural language understanding and learn like children, beginning simple and learning. We hope that the capability of auto-programming for general purposes, provided by GENISAMA, can lead to future strong AI systems.

The supplied controller is used for teaching the neural networks and playing 3D or 2D games.

The major comp-
onents of a set

GENISAMA 3D Camera and Machine Learner

The VCML-100 is under production now. Delivery is expected in mid-August.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

True color may vary slightly. Initially, only black will be available.